Tube Strikes This Week Will Definitely Go Ahead July 2015

Tube strikes scheduled for this week will definitely go ahead which will see 20,000 staff walking out on Wednesday afternoon for 24 hours.

The walk out is part of dispute over the new all-night service which is set to operate across the capital from September.

RMT, Aslef, TSSA and Unite staff will all walk out on Wednesday 18:30 and leave no services all of Thursday. Services, however will begin to wind down before 18:30 so you will need to plan your journey.

Talks were held last week and again on Monday by ACAS to reconcile this situation but failed.

First Great Western will also be going on strike for 48 hours over jobs and maintenance of new Hitachi trains. This action will affect trains coming into London from the west country.

DLR, London Overground and Tfl Rail staff will not be striking.

Alternative transport around London during the strike

Bus routes will not be affected during the strikes although they will likely be busier than normal.

Use the TfL journey planner to help find out what buses will take you to your location.

You would also need to allow yourself extra time to get to your location.

Boris Bike
There are a limited number of bikes available at the best of times so you will need to try and get in there early. You might also want to find out where the nearest docking station to where ever you are heading to. Find alternatives as it will be busier than normal and docking stations could be full.

– Think about taking a cycle helmet if you have one.
– Don’t go along side large vehicles (buses and lorries). Remember, if you can’t see the driver than they can’t see you.
– Follow the rules of the road. You are a road user if you are riding a bike so the police will stop you if you break them.
– Plan a route, as you probably don’t want to be cycling around London for a long time.

This should be a last resort option as they are expensive and you will likely be stuck in traffic for a large part of your journey.

Not all station during the strike will be closed so you might want to find out on the TfL website which ones will still be open.