Top 7 Must-try Foods in Seoul

Your trip to Seoul will never be complete if you do not try its most delicious dishes. The following is a list of foods that you ought to try if you want to make the most out of your stay in Seoul:

1. Ddeokbokki


This popular Korean dish is loved by most Koreans. It has a smothering thick, spicy red sauce and cylindrical rice noodles. The good news is that you will never have a hard time finding this dish in Korea since it is almost everywhere. Street side food vendors usually sell this dish.

2. Red Bean-filled Donut

Chapssal Donuts

Seoul boasts of its delicious donuts. Aside from Seoul’s multi-story Krispy Kreme cafes, the place also features nicer Dunkin Donuts than those offered in the US. One donut that you ought to try is the red bean-filled donut. This sweet treat is filled with red bean and topped with sugar.

3. Rice Cakes


A feature of most Asian cuisines, rice cake in Korea is usually tied to nostalgia. Your trip to Seoul will surely become unforgettable if you try this popular Korean food. According to some travelers, the best rice cakes in Seoul are those sold in the tea houses around the Insadong neighbourhood.

4. Jogaegui (grilled shellfish)


If you wish to try Korean dishes made of sea foods, then Jogaeugui or the grilled fish is one of those that you should try. Take your meal at a Korean barbecue pit to witness shelled goodies dumped on the grill as they crack themselves open on their own. You can start digging in once they are ready to serve. Just do not forget to savor the juices of the open shells to enjoy saltwater goodness. This grilled shellfish can be found at almost all places in Seoul, but you will find the experience even more enjoyable if you eat it close to the East Sea.

5. Poop Cake


Don’t worry, this cake does not come with an actual poop; but be prepared to see it shaped in the same way as a steaming pile of poop. Despite that, poop cake is still a sweet cake enjoyed by many. You will surely enjoy the doughy and crispy goodness that only this cake can offer. It also comes with a hot center topped with red bean.

6. Soju


Your trip to Seoul will never be complete if you won’t try the popular Soju. This perfectly compliments any meal. Made from distilled rice or some starches, soju is odorless and colorless with a sweeter taste than Vodka. You also need to try soju if you want to be part of Korean culture.

7. Sannakji


This dish is made of fresh baby octopus. In fact, the octopus is so fresh that you will notice that it is still wriggling in your chopsticks and inside your mouth. It is delicious and perfect for those who would like to try fresh and unique foods.