Themed Cafes to Visit in Seoul

Themed Cafés are extremly popular around South Korea and the majority is located in Seoul. They are quite spectacular and there is no wonder they attract both locals and tourists. Here are five of the most outstanding theme-cafes in Seoul.

1. Twosome café


There are many k-pop themed cafés around Korea but Twosome Café in Myeongdong is one of the most famous ones. When they opened in 2013 they were collaborating with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and has since been in touch with many other Korean celebrities. One example is the actor Lee Minho who held a fan meeting in the café and currently the interior contains a photo corner where you can take a photo with the actor, although is not there in person, it is just a life size decoration… The menu also contains special desserts named after the celebrities related to the café. Twosome is actually a franchise with several other locations but the Myeongdong branch is the only one with a Hallyu-theme. Definetly a must visit for a k-pop fan!

2. Bau House Dog Café


If you want to have a coffee and cuddle with a cute pet at the same time Bau House Dog Café is just the place for you! Animal themed cafes have been a trend in Seoul for quite a while and there are many cafes that offers a furry friend to keep you company. You can find dog cafes, cat cafes and even one with sheeps. Bau House offers a wide range of beverages but since there is over 20 different dogs in the café you can’t avoid to give your attention towards them instead of the drinks. The café gives out information menus with all of the dog’s names, breed and age. Bau House is known to have very friendly dogs as they are also a kind of dog hostel. If you want to feel a little extra loved they sell dog-treats that you can give to your new friend.

3. Capi Capi Loom Loom Café


Though the name doesn’t make it obvious this café is dedicated to the character Rilakkuma. The name literally translates to relax bear from Japanese which is from where the character has its origin. Rilakkuma is a brown bear and is most of the time accompanied by two other characters from the Rilakkuma series; a beige bear called Korilakkuma and a tiny duck named Kiiroitori. The café is one of the most outstanding cafes with a character theme as everything inside is related to the bear, it is creatively decorated with adorable plushies and other memorabilia everywhere and in the front they even have Rilakkuma items for sale. They are also known to have very friendly atmosphere and outstanding service as well as great desserts and drinks which makes the café a great place even for those who aren’t yet that familiar with the character.

4. Cafe Oz


A few years ago board game cafes was a huge trend in Korea and although the trend cooled down Café Oz is still going strong. When looking for one of the board game cafés Gangnam is the place to head to as it is filled with this kind of cafes and Cafe Oz is no exception. The concept is just what it sounds like; when enjoying your choice of beverage or dessert they offer a wide range of board games for your entertainment. The interior is not as spectacular as other themed cafes, they have their focus on the games. There is a game for everyone in their collection, everything from Jenga to Cludeo. Café Oz also arrange segments such as game give away and is known to have a very caring and friendly service for those who visits. Visiting a board game café is a great way to spend time with good company!

5. Monster Cupcake Café

Monster Cupcake Café

One of the most memorable themed cafes in Seoul but for a very special reason. The name gives a hint, the café is horror-inspired. It is located in Itaewon the main focus of the café is their cupcakes. They are all made with incredible designs, some more scary than others. They range from more cute monsters to more brutal motives such as cut of fingers or knives but are all made with much care and amazing details. The design of the café itself is also very original, when looking around the café there are dolls that looks like they are taken straight from a horror movie as well as other creepy looking statues and decoration. Apart from the out of the ordinary concept the café is very tiny and doesn’t offer much seating.