London Korean Festival in Trafalgar Square in August


If you want to experience the South Korean culture or if you just heard about it and are keen  to learn more – this is your chance! At the 9th of August the “Imagine Your Korea” festival will be held in London at Trafalgar Square. It is a great opportunity to experience the interesting and special culture South Korea offers and the festival will cover many areas.

Festival Food

The very special food-culture from this country is famous worldwide thanks to its characteristic flavours. The festival in London will offer a good variation of typical korean dishes for the visitors to try as London based authentic Korean restaurant and vendors will present the best the country has to offer. From the famous Kimchi, along with other loved smaller dishes such as mandoo, different types of korean pancakes and spicy rice cake to the recognised whole dishes such as bibimbap and kimbap. There will also be a special stall with the celebrity chef Judy Joo who will demonstrate how to cook the most famous dishes from South Korea.

Spicy Rice Cake

Festival Performances and Music

Music is a big part of the Korean culture and is mostly represented by k-pop as it has reached incredible popularity all over the world. The festival’s highlight band is the group F(x) which is one of the most known girl groups in the k-pop industry. Alongside this group there will be representatives from other music genres – the Korean rock band Guckkasten have been confirmed to play as well as the world champion b-boy group Jinjo Crew. During the festival there will also be dance performances significant to the popular culture.

The Zones

The festival is going to contain different zones that portrays different parts of the south korean culture. In the tourist experience zone the visitors can actively take part the traditional activities of the country. A few examples of this is creating your own korean hand fan or get your name written in hangul by a real calligrapher along many other interesting and exciting things.

The brand zones is a place to learn more about korean manufacturers and technology such as LG Electronics and Hyundai. Ambassadors from each company will be there to market their products and spread the knowledge of korean innovation.

The third zone is the Contents zone which will contain games and animations, both interactive and educational. You will also be able to see Hanboks, which are traditional korean clothing, on display.

Korean Hanbok

The festival is a one day event and will only be open on Sunday the 9th between 12pm – 8pm but the entrance to the festival and the performances are entirely free! The arrangers hope for it to be a very busy day and for many to learn about the culture and what a great travel destination South Korea is.