Korean Wine Marinated Pork Belly – Wine Samgyeopsal

The Korean grill menu is varied in the dishes you can order and there is something to choose for everyone no matter if you are a vegetarian or carnivore. Not only are there many meats and vegetables to grill but also many different kinds of marinade on the different pieces which makes the list even longer. Having the food grilled at the table is one of the things that makes the Korean bbq so special but it is also the different meats that are sometimes quite unusual to see outside of this culture that increases its characteristic.


Wine Pork Belly is a more modern version to one of the most popular meats in korean barbeque – pork belly, also known as samgyeopsal. Pork belly is popular thanks to its very salty taste and chewy consistency although it does have a distinct fat flavour. Marinating pork belly in red wine removes a lot of the fat taste while still maintaining the chewe- and saltiness of the meat. The wine marinated pork belly has not been around for very long but is quickly spreading. It’s flavour has a luxurious feeling to it and the taste of wine is quite special combinated with the meat being freshly grilled.


Preparing Wine pork belly can be done in different ways, usually it is marinated in red wine for several hours or even days to let the flavour properly sink in while sometimes it is also fried along with a wine-based sauce. When fried with a wine based sauce it is important not to put in too much since the flavour from the wine can easily become too strong. Along with the wine pork belly it is also very popular to add some grilled vegetables along with it, preferably something mild since the meat is quite intense. Samgyeopsal is also very popular to put in a lettuce-wrap and wine pork belly is no exception. A lettuce wrap is one one the most loved ways to enjoy korean barbeque – after grilling the meat you put it in one big lettuce-leaf along with some rice and miso paste or any food of your choice that fits your taste and then eat it all in one piece.

There is a lot of different ways to make pork belly but marinating it in red wine is one of the most special and the end result is very different from pork belly seen to the flavour. The Wine red pork belly gives the sensation of a really luxurious meat and its popularity is quickly increasing. For those who enjoy a glass of wine along with the dinner this is something you simply can’t miss!