Korean Fried Chicken – Dakgangjeong

Korean fried chicken (KFC) is one of the most popular street foods to have along with a drink usually beer in Korea and is also loved as a sidedish. Like the western fried chicken it is not a typical traditional dish but rather new and more seen as a smaller dish to accompany your main in the korean menu.


The Korean fried chicken is in many ways different from the western style chicken and the dish has its own very characteristic flavour. The most significant difference is that the Korean fried chicken is fried twice which makes it very crunchy and crispy, it is also important that the chicken is not too oily. The seasoning of the dish is very special. The chicken is usually smaller chunks of chicken rather than an entire wing which makes the dish very handy as a take away or snack along with drinks. The chicken is marinated with a salt and pepper sauce and sometimes other spices, for example chilli, depending on personal flavour. The chicken is first deep fried and after that fried again along with different sauces. Popular tastes of sauces on Korean fried chicken are spicy-based sauce, soy sauce, chilli or the sweeter honey-based sauce just to name a few. In the end the fried chicken is full of flavour in itself but it is also common to have a sauce to dip it in as well.

ChiMeak is a combination of the words chicken and maekju, which means beer, and it describes the most beloved way of enjoying fried chicken in Korea. The Korean fried chicken is mainly a street food or a snack to accompany a bottle of beer or some soju, which is korean rice wine. This has been a trend in Korea for many years but is now becoming known over the world. The chicken is almost always accompanied by pieces of pickled radish. It is very typical to have along with any fried foods in korea and the chicken is no exception.


The very characteristic way of making Korean Fried Chicken is spreading quickly along with the growth of korean restaurants. The very rich flavour and its crispness have made it incredibly popular and especially along with a drink after a long day.