Kong Gook Soo (Bean Noodle)

Kong Gook Soo (Bean Noodle)

  • Beans
  • Noodles
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Pine Nuts
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Salt

Kong Gook Su is one of the most popular food in summertime, because not only is it healthy and delicious, but it can also be served cold. Since the major ingredient of Kong Gook Su is bean, which is a good source of protein, it is very good for muscle recovery, and you can throw your worries of getting weight to trash cans. This food is also vegetarian, so there is no limit for people to try this!

Kong Gook Su is a traditional well being Korean food, which has aromatic and mouth-watery flavor. With the soup made of sesames, pine nuts and bean, not only your protein is provided, but also it will give you a pleasant fullness compare to manufacture protein bars, and drinks. There are many positive effects you can gain from eating this food. Beside protein, it contains a lot of vegetarian-fiber, which prevent you from constipation. Since it also can be served chill, it gives a pleasant feeling after eating it in hot summer days. I am not a fan of noodles. However, when summer time comes, I always eat this food with my friends and family. It does make your stomach bloated. One of the other attractions of this food is that it also has great smell, which initiates to increase your appetite. I strongly try this you to eat this well-being, healthy, and appetite boosting Korean food!

Making Kong Gook Su requires soaked beans, plain noodles, cucumber, tomato, pine nuts, sesames, and salts. Now, let’s begin! Soak beans in sufficient amount of water for a day and steam beans till you can peel the skin off. Grind the peeled beans, with pine nuts, sesames with two cups of water till the mixture become smooth and fine. Filter the mixture with a clean patch and grind the filtered mixture again with two more cups of water. Well your soup is ready! Now, it is time for boil noodles.

Boil noodles till the bubbles form and rinse them with cold water. This would be really fast step! The reason why we rinse it with cold water is to make noodles more elastic. Chop up the cucumber and tomato. Season the soup with enough salt and add the noodles, cucumber and tomato. Now, the last step is to enjoy your Kong Gook Su. Don’t forget to float some ice cubes on your soup, if you like to serve chilled.