Hae Mul Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood & Green Onion Pizza)

Tired of eating pizza? Want to eat seafood pizza, but too cheesy? Well then, I have a perfect Korean dish to introduce to you. Hae Mul Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood & Green Onion Pizza) is one of most beloved Korean dish for various ages. It is a very good family dish, which you can enjoy it with your family. It is also a very delicious and easy-to –make Korean dish that you can eat while you are drinking. One piece of Hae Mul Pa Jeon with some soy sauce will make your tired day from work and even will make better time with your close one.

Hae Mul Pa Joen is a delicacy in Korean pizza, because it is rich in the taste of chewy seafood, and crispy cooked flour mix with fresh vegetables. I have a picky taste. I don’t really like cheesy and bloating food. Pizza is one of many foods that is greasy and cheesy. However, Hae Mul Pa Jeon is different. It also goes great with hot and rainy days I really love it and so you will be.

For making Hae Mul Pa Jeon, you will be needing snipped chives, bread crumbs, flour, squid, shrimps, egg, sesame oil, salt and water. First, you need to cleanly wash squid and peel its skin off. Same for the shrimps. Chop up the squid and blanch it with the shrimp in boiling water and dry. To remove the smell of the seafood, add sesame oil and salt for few minutes. To prepare the flour mixture, you have to mix flour with some of bread crumbs and water. Mix it well till there is no bubbles. Wash chives and chop off its roots. When it’s done, place the chives on oiled/pammed frying pan. Pour the flour mix till chives are lightly dipped and place the seafood on it. Now, crack a egg and spread it out on the pre-cooked Hae Mul Pa Jeon. Cook the bottom first and turn to the other side when you are able to. Be careful to not to burn the sides. Cooking in low-medium fire will help you to make a fine and delicious looking Hae Mul Pa Joen. After frying it on the pan, your Hae Mul Pa Joen is ready to eat. You can make a side sauce with soy sauce with few drops of vinegar. Now, only thing left is to enjoy you Hae Mul Pa Joen!

Here are for some tips for eating Hae Mul Pa Joen. First, no carbonated drinks. Sugars and sweeteners in those drinks will ruin the taste, this food is not cheesy at all! Second, if you are eating this with your friends or adults, you can put some chopped jalapenos into the soy sauce. It will even provide you a clean taste, and spicy taste of jalapenos will have a synergy effect in tasting with seafood in Hae Mul Pa Jeon. So why do you hesitate? It is really easy to make. Hang up the phone, if you are about to call Pizza stores. It is the time to try this new dish!