Chinese/Lunar New Year in London 2015

The Chinese New Year is being celebrated throughout the week to welcome the year of the sheep.

Photo: James O Jenkins

Photo: James O Jenkins

This holiday is one of the most important holidays in many Asian countries and even in London you can be a part of the festive mood as several events is to be seen across the city. A lot of the attention and festive atmosphere will be directed towards Chinatown, not only because of its many Chinese and East Asian restaurants but this is also where the New Year’s Parade is going to end.

In addition to that Trafalgar Square offers a variation of performances by Chinese Performing troops. The stages is going to be a variation of acrobatics, traditional dances and different performances in the traditional Chinese lion and dragon costumes.


As the Lunar New Year is based on the solar and lunar calendars the dates of the celebration varies but this year it is held on the 19th of February until the 22nd of February.

In South Korea, where the holiday is called Soellal, this year’s main celebrations is held on the 19th and this day is usually celebrated with a big dinner feast. The dinner includes many traditional Korean dishes and though the variation of these dishes are great, ttoekguk is the one most common for the Soellal celebrations. Tteokguk is a soup containing Korean rice cakes. Other common dishes to be seen at a Korean New Years celebration is Japchae, Galbijjim and Manduguk.