Black Friday Madness – Top 5 Crazy Shopper Videos

It’s the concept brought over from the US, Black Friday. The concept of Black Friday is a big sale that follows Thanksgiving and often marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. It’s a bit like Boxing Day sale in the UK apart from, judging by most of the videos that emerge on YouTube, the exponential craziness of the shoppers.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top videos from YouTube. If you have started to see some of the pictures from the Asda shoppers being arrested the videos from the US will put our small scale Black Friday sale into perspective.

1. The fight over 6 computers

2. Shoppers flood into the Super Target at 4 am, in Midvale, Utah

3. Black friday Crowd Goes Crazy at Walmart 2011

4. Crazy riot at Walmart over black friday items

5. Walmart Black Friday Pepper Spray Over Xbox – Porter Ranch, CA

6. Black Friday Urban Outfitters