Best Chinese Restaurants in London

chinese restaurant

Looking for a good Chinese restaurant? Well don’t limit yourself to just Chinatown, venture into south London or even towards Baker Street and you can find some quality Chinese restaurant that you might not have ever encountered before.

Introducing out list of suggested decent Chinese restaurants in London, not all located in Chinatown but they are certainly hold their merits.

Bar Shu

28 Frith St, London W1D 5LF

Since its opening in 2006, Bar Shu has quickly carved a reputation among fans of Chinese food. Indeed, with alluringly fiery and punchy dishes on the menu, this restaurant specialises in Sichuan cuisine and hires highly experienced chefs from China. The entire restaurant is beautifully decorated in red, black and brown hues. The establishment is large and airy, contrasting beautifully with the rather sober décor.

Bar Shu

In typical Chinese fashion, some of their dishes border on the super-spicy side but milder dishes are also available. Customers who love to experiment and try unfamiliar dishes will definitely enjoy the restaurant’s selection of gourmet and rare meals such as prairie tripe, stir-fried chicken gizzards and pea jelly. Other reputed dishes include Chicken with Cashew, Roaster Pork Leg, Dan Dan Noodles and a varied choice of fried and steamed dumplings. Guests can also try their special Hotpot which allows them to grill their meats and fish right at the dining table.

Dragon Castle

100 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1JL

With a grand, almost ceremonial-like décor, Dragon Castle specialises in authentic Chinese cuisine and offers both traditional and contemporary dishes. So, whether guests are looking for classic crispy duck and pancake or the more modern sweet and salty ‘palourde’ clams, they can be sure to find something of their liking. As with most Chinese restaurants, guests can order hotpots and braises which they can grill themselves. The establishment even offers an extraordinary selection of fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, stews and sauces that will help guests whip up their very own delicacies.

chinese restaurant

The ambiance is quite soft and seductive, with dimmed lights, dark wooden furniture and sparkling chandeliers. The whole décor is quite contemporary but provides an exquisitely luxurious environment for fine dining. Best of all, since most of the waiters are from China, they are extremely knowledgeable about the various types of Asian dishes and will very eagerly guide the guests through the menu.

Phoenix Palace

5 Glentworth St, London NW1 5PG

Determined to immerse its guests within a full-blown cultural Chinese experience, Phoenix Palace is quite a reputed hub among both locals and tourists alike. With a staggering 300 dishes on the menu, this fine-dining establishment provides a sophisticated and cozy family-friendly environment. In fact, this restaurant is so wide and spacious that it has been rated as one of the best wedding reception venues.

chinese restaurant Baker Street

Their menu contains an astounding array of mouth-watering dishes that can be served either in bite-size, individual or even family-sized portions. Several meals can even be tailored to the guest’s personal preferences. From the Dim Sum to the Party menu or even Birthday or Deluxe and Supreme Deluxe Menu, Phoenix Palace does cater to various preferences and budgets. A few dishes plucked from their set lunch menu include Chilean Sea Bass, Prawn Toast, Wasabi Prawns, Lamb with Spring and Ginger, Belly Pork and Oyster Casserole. Steamed fragrant rice and noodles usually accompany fish, meat, pork and chicken dishes.

China Tang

The Dorchester, 53 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA

Situated in the Dorchester hotel, China Tang is one of the most luxurious Chinese restaurants in London. Thanks to their highly-rated gourmet menu, guests can be sure that they’re headed for a deep sensory delight as soon as they step through the majestic double doors. Indeed, the décor presents a calming fusion of classic and contemporary, with plush carpets, cream walls and soft, ambient lighting. The scrumptious interior is only enhanced by the astounding collection of modern and traditional Chinese art that adorn the walls.

china tang restaurant

China Tang boasts of no less than seven menus including the Dim Sum, Dessert, Chinese A La Carte, English A La Carte, Cocktail, Set Lunch and even a Halal A La Carte Menu. Every bite simply oozes authenticity and skill, courtesy of their meticulous and extensively trained chefs. The service is truly worthy of the establishment’s exceptionally impressive reputation.

Imperial China

25a Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA

Considered by many to be the Dim Sum place of London, Imperial China provides quite a versatile array of Chinese dishes to delight your taste buds. While a bit on the pricey side, this restaurant certainly offers the sort of relaxed and soothing ambience that will instantly make guests feel at ease. Thanks to its impeccable service and authentic Asian food, this restaurant has even been recommended by the Michelin Guide. Customers are certainly going to relish in the breathtaking setting which includes an ornamental fish pond, bridge spanning and elegant wood paneling. Fun-loving Patrons will also be able to make full use of Imperial China’s special Karaoke rooms that come with their own set menus.


Their menu provides something for just about everyone and their individual servings are large enough for two people. Some of their most popular dishes include the Chicken and Sweet Corn soup, Aromatic Crispy Duck and even some vegetarian meals such as Singapore Style Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables. This restaurant also offers some unique Chinese desserts in the likes of Red Bean and Coconut Pudding, Mango Pudding, as well as Toffee Apples or Banana.